UX / UI Webdesign and development

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2D, Photoshop

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Live sites list:



HansonHotline.com has taught me a lot about user experience, as this website has been up for nearly 20 years. This is where I learned about how design actually works with the public, other than just my perspective of it. I have been interviewing my 1000 followers constantly as time goes by as this site has had over 20 versions over the past 20 years.

Social media : @hansonhotline ( twitter / instagram )




Mommy’s Doodles

Mommy’s Doodles is my personal blog. Feel free to visit me and figure out a little bit of my personality in a less formal way.

Social media : @mommysdoodles ( twitter / instagram )





Angela-Chase.com is one of my favorite creations as it tells the story of the protagonist the TV shows “My so-called life” (cancelled in 1995) as if she had a blog today. The design is meant to be basic, pre-made and simple as this is the impersonation of a character.

If you are also a fan of “My so-called life” you will notice that the lovely actors who played “Ricky” and “Delia Fisher” are following this instagram account.

Social media : @theangelachase ( twitter / instagram )


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